We plan, we guide, but you decide.

Sequinox’s beloved client Marlin proudly wearing his Sequinox t-shirt in the Swiss Alps

We believe everybody's retirement picture looks different. At Sequinox, we'll listen as you tell us how you want yours to look. Then we'll help you work to make it a reality.

After a personal interview, a resource planning strategy can be developed that we feel is designed to best suit your desired retirement lifestyle. This strategy will incorporate risk management philosophies and will typically utilize tax-reducing investments and tax allocation strategies intended to be appropriate for your individual needs.

Our goal for each client is to preserve assets while increasing income and minimizing the tax bite. To do this, we look for investments that we feel will potentially have low risk and volatility. We work with clients continually to determine if portfolios need to be rebalanced in order to ensure that the investments are consistent with the clients' risk tolerances. We also take into consideration investments that seek to minimize the tax-impact they have upon their investors because every dollar you save in taxes is a dollar you can spend the way you want.

We provide the planning, the education, and the execution. However, at all times the investment decisions are yours to make.

Our primary regulator, FINRA provides numerous investor education materials. One resource is BrokerCheck  ,
which provides information about firms and financial advisors.

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